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Sauna cleaning: Tips for atmospheric Christmas sauna

Christmas is approaching and for us Finns the Christmas sauna is a very important tradition. We usually enjoy either a morning sauna or a late evening sauna on Christmas Eve. The Christmas preparations include a thorough cleaning of the sauna so that the traditional Christmas sauna can be enjoyed to the fullest in a clean environment. It is also nice to start the New Year in a clean home. For many, sauna cleaning may not be part of every weekly or even monthly basic cleaning, but is part of a wider and more thorough cleaning that takes place around 2-4 times a year. 

As the sauna is cleaned less frequently, it is important that it is done thoroughly when it is. Check out our tips for a thorough cleaning of your Christmas sauna.

Our 10 tips for thorough sauna cleaning

A sauna is a place for relaxation and well-being, but enjoying it is even better in a clean environment. Check out our ten tips for a thorough sauna cleaning, so you can enjoy your sauna in a clean and fresh space.

1. Empty the sauna

The first step is to remove all accessories such as buckets and other items. Brush the floors and benches of rubbish to make sure the surfaces are ready for a thorough clean.

2. Wipe the surfaces

Use a damp rag or microfibre cloth to remove dust and dirt from walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Remember to use a mild cleanser that is suitable for the sauna.

3. Use the correct cleaning products

Choose a cleanser that does not leave a strong odour. This will ensure that your sauna is pleasant and odour-free after cleaning.

4. Clean the benches

Use a soft brush or fine sandpaper to remove any stains from the benches. If necessary, lightly sand wooden surfaces to keep them looking beautiful and remove roughness.

5. Clean the stove

Turn off the stove and let it cool down before cleaning. Remove ash and clean the stones if necessary. Ensure that the stove works properly. It is a good idea to remove and reload the heater stones in an electric sauna about twice a year. This prolongs the life of the heating elements and keeps the air circulation inside the heater better, which of course also ensures better steams.

6. Air ventilation

Clean the vents and ducts to ensure that the sauna gets enough fresh air. Clean air ducts ensure a pleasant sauna experience.

7. Cleaning of the bathroom

If the sauna is part of the bathroom, be sure to also clean the shower areas, taps and floor thoroughly. This will ensure that the whole space is fresh and clean.

8. Check the general condition of the sauna

Go through the sauna carefully and check for any repairs or maintenance. For example, check the condition of electrical components and look for leaks.

9. Finish off with sauna wax

You can use sauna wax to treat TAIVE panels, benches and the surface of the Aspectu sauna thermo-hygrometer. Sauna Wax is a water-based, natural wax-based preservative which, when applied in a very thin layer, absorbs well into the wood and gives it a naturally beautiful, silky-smooth protection. Consider using sauna wax especially if you are sanding the benches.

10. Create an atmosphere with scents

Finally, add some fragrances to your sauna, such as the various essential oils designed for sauna use. This will create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. There are also oils on the market in Christmas scents, such as gingerbread and mulled wine!

Now that your sauna is clean and ready, you can enjoy the Christmas sauna in all its glory.

The TAIVE sauna is easy to maintain and clean

TAIVE benches are designed to be mounted to the sauna walls without legs. The units of the upper and lower benches and backrests can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

We already treat sauna benches in our carpentry workshop with Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax, which protects the wood surface from both moisture and dirt.

Create a magical Christmas sauna atmosphere

Christmas is a magical time, and the Christmas sauna offers a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this magic. Here are five tips to help you set the mood and keep the magic of the Christmas sauna alive.

1. Candles and lights

In the Christmas sauna, the atmosphere is often created by the twilight. If your sauna has dimmable lights, set them to a low setting. Place candles in the sauna. Always make sure that the candles you use are suitable to be used in the sauna (not all candles are suitable for the sauna!). We recommend LED candles for safety reasons.

2. Accessories

Create a festive feel with Christmas-themed textiles, such as bench towels, seat covers and body towels. You can even set up little sauna elves to guard and protect the sauna atmosphere!

3. Music

Bring a festive atmosphere to your sauna by playing Christmas carols or traditional Christmas music in the background. Music creates warmth and helps you relax.

4. Scents

Add the scents of Christmas to your sauna experience! For example, try some Christmas essential oils. This way you maximize the sensual experience. 

Scented candles can also add a wonderful sensuality to your sauna experience, but when using them, always make sure that the product you are using is suitable for the heat of the sauna.

5. Christmas delicacies

Prepare or reserve Christmas treats to enjoy after the sauna. Prepare things like mulled wine, cookies or other Christmas pastries. You can enjoy a cold Christmas beer in the sauna. Remember to drink water too, so that your body doesn’t lose its fluid balance as you sweat!

Are you convinced by the ease of maintenance of the TAIVE sauna?

Cariitti´s products lines provide complete solutions for sauna interiors. TAIVE sauna product line consists of sauna benches, wall panels, dressing room benches and lockers. 
Its smooth, elegant design creates a harmonious atmosphere in your sauna as well as other interiors in your spa. Thoughtfully designed Cariitti lighting emphasizes the surfaces and shapes of the interior. Cariitti´s sauna interior is a timeless, long-lasting design solution that will create unforgettable sauna experience for you and your guests.

You can design the sauna of your dreams with Cariitti´s  Sauna Planning Tool. Once you have chosen your material options, you will receive a price estimate for a sauna that is just the way you want it!


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